Our Story

At Dry Creek Farm we have a passion for things that are simply made yet very high quality, farm-fresh, locally grown, hand crafted and have a vintage vibe.

We stock products that are locally sourced, seasonally inspired, hand crafted, and minimally processed.

We use eggs fresh from our coop for baking or you can take home a dozen to bake with yourself!  The farm's fresh herbs and veggies serve as a hearty feeding ground for the multiple honey bee hives we proudly care for on the daily. When harvested for the market they can feed your family as well.  Our store offers locally grown seasonal foods straight from our farm and our local farmers throughout the community. 
Throughout the market you'll also find treasures to compliment the charm of your home.  Vintage cookware, unique cookbooks, that one of kind apron or kitchen utensil making the perfect gift or cherished find.  Our inventory is every changing so each visit introduces you to a new experience.  Welcome to our home and market.

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